Nassau County

Parents address concerns to Nassau County School District board over racial slurs video

YULEE, Fla. — A video showing two Yulee High School students saying racial slurs has sparked controversy in the Nassau County school district. A school board meeting was held Thursday night and parents voiced their concerns to the board.

Several parents took the podium during public comment and said they believe the next productive step would be finding a solution to make sure this never happens again.

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“Why did we not look at that video being sent to those kids as harassment right away?” parent Matthew Ricks said during public comment.

The video shows two Yulee high school students, one wearing a white hood, saying racial slurs at the camera. The district tells Action News Jax it was filmed over the summer but was recently sent to a group of football players, which led to a fight.

In a statement, it said, “Disciplinary actions consistent with the district’s code of conduct have been given to students involved in the altercation and in sending the Snap Chat video.”

Parents Melissa and Matthew Ricks say their son was suspended after the fight and demand change moving forward.

“We want to find some common ground and unity in this situation and figure out what can we do differently,” Melissa Ricks said.

The district said in the meeting the investigation is still active, but it is determining what, and if any disciplinary actions will be taken to the two students who made the video.

“Because the video was created before the students were even members of Yulee High School for the 21-22 school year and because students who created the video did not distribute the video, further investigation is necessary,” district attorney Brett Steger said.

Parents say they’re disappointed with the way the issue has been handled so far.

“As painful as it was to go through, this ripped open something in our town that should’ve been ripped open years ago and I do believe we will have some answers and positive outcome out of this,” Ricks said.

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In the meeting, the Superintendent said she met with the football team yesterday to talk about this incident.

Action News Jax will continue to follow the investigation and let you know if any changes in discipline happen.