Nazi group throws antisemitic flyers on Jacksonville and Orange Park lawns

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Many residents in the Mandarin and East Arlington areas are waking up to antisemitic literature in their front yards.

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According to residents who spoke with Action News Jax and sent photos, these packets began appearing in yards late Sunday night. The packets call upon white Americans to fight their supposed “displacement” in modern America, which it claims is a conspiracy orchestrated by the Jews. The flyers then accuse many prominent Jewish figures throughout history of horrendous acts, including murder and pedophilia.

Additionally, the Florida branch of the Nazi group NatSoc took credit for the literature on the front page of the packets. Many Jacksonville residents took to social media Monday morning condemning the act. Even former Florida House of Representative Jason Fischer posted on Twitter about finding a flyer in his yard and said, “Hate is not welcome in our city!”

This all happened a day after Clay County residents complained about finding antisemitic literature in their yards. Orange Park Police Department commented on the issue this morning, calling on residents to throw the packets away.

The images on the flyers posted are common with the past flyers thrown around Jacksonville in the summer and fall of 2022.

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Action News Jax is working to learn more and will provide updates as they come.