Poison control warns against troubling trend amid children’s medicine shortages

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Reports have begun pouring in across the nation of children’s medicine shortages. In particular, Florida Poison Control Center officials say consumers have been reporting shortages in children’s Tylenol, Advil and Motrin. They say the demand for these medications amid cold and flu season and rising RSV incidences may be the culprit.


“Because so many people are getting ill, this stuff is actually being bought up probably more than accelerating rate, which is causing a little bit of a slow down on stocking, restocking the shelves,” said Jay Schauben of Florida Poison Control.

With current shortages, Schauben also cited concerns about parents cutting down adult medication tablets for their children as an alternative.

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“Cutting tablets in half is not going to give you the required dosage that you need for the age and weight of the child,” Schauben added.

Schauben explained that it’s not simply the dosage, but also the concentration and formula that differ between adult and children’s medications, adding risk of underdose or overdose for the child.

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“And obviously, overdosing with some of these products, let’s say acetamitaphin, in a Tylenol case, can be disastrous as far as liver function is concerned,” said Schauben.

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Instead, Poison Control urges the public to consult their primary care physicians if they’re having trouble finding the medication they need.