Termites found in a St. Johns County high school

A local parent said termites swarmed her son’s classroom at Bartram Trail High School.

A picture sent to Action News Jax appears to show a large termite colony next to a socket on the wall.

On Wednesday, St. Johns County School District officials said they sent a pest control company to the school to fix the issue.

A spokesperson said they were made aware of the issue Tuesday.

Action News Jax showed the picture to Joel Milner, with Bug Out Service. He identified the termites as Eastern subterranean termites, which can cause a lot of damage.

“They eat a lot faster,” Milner said. “They travel faster because of the mud tubes.”

School district officials said they don't know how long the termites had been there, but Milner said the colony wasn't built overnight.

“'They’ve been there a while, but it looks like they're working pretty hard to build a shelter tube right now,” Milner said.

The school district officials said the termites did not cause any structural damage to the building.