UNF officials reportedly cancel sex education classes for 'Sex Week'

A University of North Florida official decided to repeal two sex education classes during UNF Sex Week.

Relationship Equality Foundation, the organization that created the courses, said that canceling the classes denies students access to equal sex education.

The three classes were titled "Coming out Kinky," "Cheating Vs. Polyamory," and "Navigating New Relationship Energy." The first two classes were canceled shortly after the Campus Reform articles were published.

In addition to the classes that were canceled, there was also a canceled class titled "A (grownup) Toy Story" that was being hosted by the UNF Pride Club, covering safety and hygiene when using sex toys.

UNF Vice President Thomas Serwatka decided to repeal two out of the three classes for UNF Sex Week (March 7-11) shortly after Campus Reform, a college news website created by the Leadership Institute, published a series of articles.

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UNF had a page on its website detailing the events of Sex Week, but the page has since been removed. The UNF Spinnaker said that the page should be reactived soon with the updated list of events.

The Relationship Equality Foundation said that Campus Reform and the University did not notify the UNF students and the organization was not asked to further explain how the classes would fulfill the goal of Sex Week.

According to a press release from the Relationship Equality Foundation, Serwatka said the reason for his decision came from pressures from supporters and lobbyists in favor of the expanding the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the non-discrimination law.

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Action News Jax has reached out to Serwatka and is waiting for a response.

UNF students have reacted to the recent cancelations. One student commented on UNF Spinnaker's Facebook post of the story and said she was upset that she wouldn't be able to attend those events.

"These panels were planned as a result of students asking for advice on the topics already," UNF student Rachel O'Brien said in a comment. "College students should be adult enough to handle a discussion on polyamory and sexual kinks."


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