NBA Finals Game 1 Reaction | No Cap Room

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Jake and Dan are up late after the Denver Nuggets torched the Miami Heat in game 1 of the 2023 NBA Finals and they’re ready to talk about it, along with going through some of the major NBA news items of the day.

Following game 1 of the NBA Finals, which saw the Denver Nuggets cruise to an easy home victory on the back of a very efficient offensive night from Nikola Jokic, Jake Fischer and Dan Devine jumped on the pod to talk about it.

After talking about what happened in game 1 and what the Miami Heat need to change heading into game 2, the guys find time to talk about Monty Williams’ massive new deal to become the head coach of the Detroit Pistons and how that will change the landscape for other coaches around the league that are looking for new contracts.

Finally, Adam Silver held a press conference and spoke vaguely about the upcoming penalties that will be levied against Ja Morant after the NBA Finals are completed. Dan was there and tells us about the vibe in the room, along with the follow-up questions.

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