Coronavirus: Hotels in Niagara Falls light up with hearts to show solidarity

Hotels in Niagara Falls are showing they have some heart as the world faces the sobering news of the coronavirus every day.

The large hotels on the Canadian side of the falls created what the country’s tourism officials are calling the "Niagara Heart of Hope.”

“Our hotels and casinos in Niagara Falls are lighting up glowing hearts as a sign of hope and solidarity,” Niagara Falls Tourism said in a Facebook post Sunday. “As a community, we are united on the fight to stop the spread of the virus.”

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The hearts were created when hotels turned off all of their room lights, with the exception of those that create a heart-shaped symbol.

The idea was initiated by workers at the team at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel, the Niagara Gazette reported. Other hotels quickly followed suit.

“Our hearts are full. We’re sharing our love with the world through heart symbols displayed across the Niagara Falls Skyline, representing the compassion and concern we have for the entire world.” Niagara Falls Tourism said in a news release.

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