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Buresh Blog: Atlantic hurricane season begins!...Wet season...June averages... Solar eclipse glasses

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The “Buresh Blog” will take off the week of June 5th & will be updated again the week of June 12.....

And just like that - it’s the hurricane season! The Atlantic hurricane season goes from June 1st through Nov. 30th. Of course, there’s nothing “magical” about those dates as tropical cyclones (depression, tropical storm &/or hurricane) can form at anytime. But ocean temps. typically need to be at least 80 degrees F to sustain tropical systems hence, the Atlantic hurricane season. You can get updates on the tropics every single day during the hurricane season at “Talking the Tropics With Mike”. Click * here * for the ‘23 “Hurricane Preparation Guide”.

The map below is for last year’s Atlantic season. Read & see & review of the season in “Talking the Tropics With Mike” * here *.

And so the start of the hurricane season also coincides with the start of Jacksonville’s “wet season”. More than half the annual rainfall occurs from June through September thanks to the sea breeze often being active - just about daily - triggering frequent showers and thunderstorms.

June averages for JIA:

AND - our ‘23-’24 solar eclipse glasses have arrived in the First Alert Weather Center!! There will be an annular eclipse Oct. 14th with about 63% of the sun covered in Jacksonville followed by the next “Great American Eclipse” April 8th when about 64% of the sun will be covered in Jacksonville. Much, much more to follow in the coming months including details on how you can get a pair of the First Alert eclipse glasses! :)

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