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Buresh Blog: Stormy...3 months to the solar eclipse!...Chill of winter, Fl. style...Gaining daylight

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Become a part of the First Alert Neighborhood Weather Network powered by Tempest:

After a relatively tranquil (from a snowfall standpoint for especially the Lower 48) start to winter, January is trying to make up for lost time. Snow cover will increase dramatically through mid month & temps. will plummet. Jacksonville/NE Fl. & SE Ga. will continue to see bouts of rain & storms, heavy at times including the threat for severe storms depending on the exact set-up for each storm.

It’s 3 months (+/1) til the ‘24 Great American Eclipse! For Jax/NE Fl./SE Ga. it’s a partial eclipse with nearly 65% of the sun eclipsed at its max. Totality will stretch from Texas through the Missouri & Ohio Valley’s into Northern New England. If you have plan to go, getting accommodations now is a must. Everything eclipse at actionnewsjax.com * here *.... + more in the “Buresh Blog” * here *.

We are in the “doldrums” :) of winter in Jacksonville as the avg. low temp. is the chilliest of the year... at 43 degrees (the avg. high temp. is 65 degrees F). The avg. low temp. starts to go up by late in January.

NOAA map of the averages coldest day of winter in the U.S.:

We are now at our latest sunrise time in Jacksonville & will start to gain daylight Jan. 18th getting to 7am straight up in mid to late Feb.

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