White House releases new recommendations for reopening schools

The White House has released new recommendations for reopening schools as students prepare for the 2020-2021 school year during the coronavirus pandemic.

The recommendations discussed what students and teachers should do to stay safe as they return to school for in-person learning such as understanding the symptoms of the virus and requiring “all students, teachers and staff to self-assess their health every morning before coming to school” and enforcing social distancing around “high-risk individuals.”

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Officials also encouraged the use of face masks but did not require students and staff to wear them.

President Donald Trump said during a COVID-19 news conference that they are “providing high-risk teachers and students options to engage in distance teaching and learning.” 

Trump said one of the reasons he wants students to return to school is because there are very few fatalities in younger Americans, CNN reported.

To read Trump’s latest remarks on returning children to school, click here.

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