Duval County

Jacksonville mother hit in face by customer at Walmart, police say

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville mother said she was attacked by an upset customer while working at Walmart.

Christina Pence said she needed five stitches near her eyebrow after a man who was upset about coupons hit her in the face.

Police said they responded to the Walmart on Collins Road on Sunday at 8 p.m. to investigate a battery.

Pence told police she was working at the self-checkout area when she was alerted to a customer who tried to overuse coupons.

“I let him know that he couldn’t use the coupons. That made him mad,” Pence said.

The report said Pence tried to help the man. She said she went to void the transaction when he became upset.

“If he would’ve waited, I would’ve told him, you know, he just has to do separate transactions, but he didn’t have any patience at all,” Pence said.

Pence told Action News Jax the suspect started stuffing the merchandise into bags and tried to walk away without paying.

Pence said she reached for the bags.

“He takes those bags and swings them over his head and hits my face, and bolts off,” Pence said.

The police report said the man was seen leaving the store in what appeared to be a silver two-door Honda Civic.

Action News Jax is working to confirm a picture of the man.