Outdated food being sold at Jacksonville convenience store

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Outdated foods and drinks are being sold at a Jacksonville convenience store.

A viewer brought it to the attention of Action News Jax and asked the station to look into San Jose Food Store on San Jose Boulevard.

We sent a reporter to check it out.

Action News Jax Christy Turner said it didn’t take long to find outdated drinks in the store cooler and candy bars in the aisle, including a Pepsi bottle dated May 6, 2019, and M&M’s with a “best before” date of January 2019.

At the checkout, she saw a basket full of candy on sale for $1 with a Reese’s dated October 2017.

Action News Jax showed it to the store’s owner.

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He denied selling outdated food and drinks and said it was “probably a mistake.”

He told Action News Jax he would remove the outdated items from the shelves.

Expiration dates are not required on most foods.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates food establishments for compliance with state and federal laws.

Action News Jax found the most recent inspection at the San Jose Food Store was in November 2017.

The report said it was a focused inspection on a specific task that does not constitute an inspection and will not result in an inspection summary.

An inspection was also conducted in November 2016 in which the store was cited for several violations, including selling packaged foods not labeled from the source and ready-to-eat food not protected from cross contamination with raw animal food during storage, preparation, holding or display.

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