Taylor Williams case: Expert says girl’s mother shows ‘no real emotion’ in new body camera videos released

Jacksonville,FL. — More than 100 new police body camera videos are showing new details about the investigation into a Jacksonville mother arrested in connection to her daughter’s November 2019 disappearance.

Brianna Williams is facing felony charges, but she hasn’t been charged in the death of her 5-year-old daughter Taylor, whose body was found near Williams’ hometown in Alabama.

The evidence released Tuesday includes video of Williams, who was in her military uniform, talking to police shortly after reporting her daughter missing.

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Williams appeared to be crying when she told police she woke that morning to find her daughter gone.

“I woke up this morning and started getting ready for work, and she wasn’t in her room,” Williams said.

Police continued to question Williams for several minutes in the clip.

JSO: Have you had any problems with anyone.

Williams: No

JSO: Has she done this before, try to leave, mess with locks or anything?

Williams: (Shakes her head no)

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Another video also shows Williams being taken down to police headquarters for an interview.

In the clip, Williams appears anxious with her hand covering her mouth.

Most of the body camera videos show officers going door-to-door to ask neighbors if they had seen the little girl.

In some videos, you can see officers checking underneath homes, sheds, and even trash cans for any sign of the child.

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In the body camera video, one of the investigators can be heard telling a neighbor “we are all hoping for a positive outcome.”

It was the outcome the community feared.

Just day later, the little girl’s body was found in a wooded area in Alabama.

Williams is due in court in early January on the charges of aggravated child neglect, child abuse, tampering with evidence and lying to police.

She pleaded not guilty to those felonies.

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