Timeline of events in disappearance, death of Jacksonville girl Taylor Williams

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Missing Jacksonville 5-year-old Taylor Williams was first reported missing Nov. 6, 2019. Her body was later found in Demopolis, Alabama.

Here is the timeline of events in Taylor's disappearance:

Wednesday 11/6/19, 12 a.m.: Taylor’s mother Brianna S. Williams, a Petty Officer 1st Class at NAS Jacksonville, tells police that this is the last time she saw Taylor inside their Brentwood home on Ivy Street.

Wednesday 11/6/19, 7 a.m.: Williams told police she woke up at this time and did not see Taylor inside the house. She also said the home's back door was open.

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Wednesday 11/6/19, 7:11 a.m.: Officer is dispatched to the Williams home on Ivy Street.

Wednesday 11/6/19, 8:23 a.m.: Taylor is listed as a missing person after the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office contacts the National Crime Information Center.

Wednesday 11/6/19, 8:51 a.m.: JSO sends a notice to the media and to the public via social media that Taylor is missing.

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Wednesday 11/6/19, 8:51 a.m.: Florida Department of Law Enforcement issues a Florida Missing Child Alert for Taylor.

Wednesday 11/6/19, 11:30 a.m.: The Missing Child Alert for Taylor is upgraded to a Florida Amber Alert.

Wednesday, 11/6/19, 12:30 p.m.: JSO confirms it is also searching an apartment complex on the Southside -- Southside Villas -- where the family used to live. The Brentwood home and the apartment complex are 16 miles apart.

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Wednesday, 11/6/19, 3:40 p.m.: Sky Action News Jax spotted JSO's Dive Team searching water near Southside Villas.

Wednesday, 11/6/19, around 4:45 p.m.: A dumpster is escorted by JSO from the Southside Villas apartment complex to a tow yard on Philips Highway. The dumpster's contents are emptied on the ground.

Wednesday, 11/6/19, 5:15 p.m.: JSO Chief Investigations T.K. Waters said the search for Taylor will continue into the night.

Wednesday, 11/6/19, before 6 p.m.: A JSO truck with lights and a JSO crime scene van arrives at the tow yard on Philips Highway.

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Thursday, 11/7/19, 5:20 a.m.: JSO is keeping a close eye on the house where investigators say Taylor Williams was last seen by her mother more than 24 hours ago.

Thursday, 11/7/19, 7:12 a.m.: More investigators arrive at the command center to search for Taylor Williams. The command center is near the Brentwood home where Taylor's mom said she was last seen.

Thursday, 11/7/19, 10:51 a.m.: Action News Jax's Ben Becker observes biohazard bags outside of Brianna Williams' apartment at Southside Villas.

Thursday, 11/7/19, 11:40 a.m.: JSO's crime scene unit van showed up to the home on Ivy Street. Action News Jax crews observe investigators going in and out of the Brentwood home.

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Thursday, 11/7/19, 12:07 p.m.: The crime scene unit van leaves the Brentwood home. Action News Jax crews see an investigator with a camera go inside the house. He also took pictures of the front door. There are white sheets covering the windows.

Thursday, 11/7/19, 2 p.m.: Three sources tell Action News Jax that it has been weeks since 5-year-old Taylor Williams was last seen.

Thursday, 11/7/19, 3:08 p.m.: JSO announces Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams will hold a news conference about Taylor Williams at 4 p.m.

Thursday, 11/7/19, 4 p.m.: Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said Taylor's mother Brianna S. Williams is no longer being cooperative with the investigation. Sheriff Williams is asking anyone who has seen Taylor and Brianna Williams together in Jacksonville in the last six months to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at (904) 630-0500.

Friday, 11/8/19: The search for missing Taylor entered its third day on Friday and so far, hundreds of officers and volunteers have come up empty-handed.

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Sunday, 11/10/19: The Demopolis Police Department said Sunday afternoon it is assisting the FBI and other out-of-state agencies in a search for a missing person around the Demopolis area. Demopolis is about 15 miles away from where Brianna previously lived.

Monday, 11/11/19: Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said Monday that Brianna Williams is now a person of interest in her daughter's disappearance.

Sheriff Williams asks anyone who has seen Taylor and her mother between Jacksonville and Alabama in the past few weeks to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at (904) 630-0500.

The sheriff also asked anyone who has seen Brianna Williams' vehicle -- a 2017 black Honda Accord -- between Jacksonville and Alabama in the past 2 weeks to contact police.

Tuesday, 11/12/19: The Demopolis Police Department said human remains were found during the search for Taylor Rose Williams. Forensic tests still need to be done to confirm the identity of the body.

Taylor's mother, Brianna Williams, was taken to a hospital after being found unconscious at Naval Air Station Jacksonville because of an apparent overdose.

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Wednesday, 11/13/19: A warrant for Brianna Williams details what led to charges against her in the disappearance of her daughter, Taylor Rose Williams.

She is facing two counts of child neglect.

A neighbor who lived near Taylor and Brianna Williams told detectives he saw Taylor alone and wandering the apartment complex multiple times.

The warrant says he first noticed Taylor alone on April 17, 2019.

Thursday, 11/21/19: Brianna Williams, the mother of missing Jacksonville girl Taylor Williams, is moved from the hospital to the Duval County Jail.

Saturday, 11/23/19: A vigil is held for Taylor Williams at Losco Park. The organizers of the vigil collect toys in Taylor's honor.

Monday, 11/25/19: The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office confirms that the remains found in Demopolis, Alabama, are those of missing 5-year-old, Taylor Williams.

Tuesday, 12/3/19: The court date for Taylor Williams’ mom Brianna is moved to Dec. 18. Brianna Williams is charged with child neglect and lying to police in connection with the disappearance of her daughter.

Friday, 12/13/19: Brianna Williams’ arraignment was supposed to take place Dec. 18, but on Friday, the arraignment was moved to Jan. 2.

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Wednesday, 1/8/20: Brianna Williams appeared in front of a judge in Duval County for the first time. She pleaded not guilty to charges of child neglect and lying to police. She is set to appear in court again on Feb. 4.

Wednesday, 1/29/20: The State Attorney’s Office released a list of discovery items, shedding light on the evidence the state is gathering in the case against Brianna Williams.

Wednesday, 2/12/20: Taylor Williams would have turned 6 on this day.

Tuesday, 3/3/20: Newly released video among the evidence the state is gathering in the case against Brianna Williams shows Williams becoming physically ill when she is told she is a person of interest in the disappearance of her daughter. A search of Williams’ vehicle found the trunk floor covered in rubber liner.

Thursday, 6/25/20: Hundreds of pieces of evidence in the investigation into Taylor Williams’ death are made public.

Friday, 11/6/20: This day marks the 1-year anniversary that Taylor Rose Williams was reported missing.

Tuesday, 12/1/20: An autopsy report reveals that medical experts can’t determine how Taylor Williams died.

Wednesday, 12/9/20: More than 100 new body camera videos are released as evidence in the case. Our expert says Briana Williams showed ‘no real emotion’ in the new body camera videos that were released.

Thursday, 3/3/22: Brianna Williams pleads guilty to second-degree murder in 2019 death of 5-year-old daughter.

Wednesday, 5/11/22: Sentencing dates are set for Brianna Williams for Sept. 15 and 16, 2022.

Thursday, 9/15/22: Sentencing hearing for Brianna Williams begins.

Tuesday, 9/20/22: Brianna Williams is sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder in the death of her daughter, 5-year-old Taylor Rose Williams.

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