• Woman drove into multiple parked cars after fight at UPS in Jacksonville

    By: Brittney Verner , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Some employees at a local UPS left work angry Friday after finding their cars had been damaged in the parking lot.

    It happened at the UPS location along Pritchard Road near Interstate 295. 

    Some employees were working their shift at this UPS and a few of them were called out early after learning their parked cars had been hit.


    Police said Friday a verbal fight led to a few employees at UPS needing to have their cars towed.

    Some employees, like Kenneth Hobbs, were outraged by the incident. 

    "I think that is unacceptable. They should check into maybe having better security. It’s no way that you should come out of work and have your property damaged to that level," Hobbs said. 

    Police said an argument broke out between an employee and someone who didn’t work for the company.

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    When that person tried to drive away and defuse the situation, she ran into several parked cars.

    Action News Jax received pictures from employees showing the damage.

    Hobbs said he's worked for UPS for almost 30 years and he’s never seen an incident like that happen.

    Thankfully, his car was not one of those damaged, however, he does empathize with his colleagues who have been inconvenienced.

    "You go to work to earn a living for your family and you need your car for transportation to get your kids to and from school and maybe yourself to and from work. Then to come out and find out it has to be towed -- it’s just unacceptable. I would be very angry, " Hobbs said. 

    Police said because the damage was caused by an accident and it was not intentional, no one is facing any charges. 

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