More videos in the Ahmaud Arbery case show the fatal shooting at different angles, according to attorney

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Other videos in the Ahmaud Arbery case will not be released until trial or when the investigation into Arbery’s death is finished.

Action News Jax learned another video showing a second angle in Arbery’s shooting was taken, Arbery family attorney Lee Merritt said.

In February, Arbery was shot and killed in the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Brunswick.

Travis and Gregory McMichael have been charged in Arbery’s murder, and the man who took the video, William Roddie Bryan, is being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


“I think once the facts go before the grand jury, at the very least, it will be difficult for an attorney of anyone else to explain away why he was recording,” Merritt said.

The 30-second video released to the public is only a portion of a more than four-minute video that Merritt said showed a chase in the neighborhood.

Action News Jax obtained new video of Arbery from two separate incidents in 2017 -- a shoplifting arrest and a confrontation with police in a park where Arbery was not arrested.

Arbery was even shocked with a stun gun after an officer checked him for weapons.

Merritt believes the release of these videos is to criminalize Arbery.

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