St. Augustine sued by state representative over face mask ordinance

St. Augustine. Fla. — St. Augustine is the latest city to be sued by a Florida state representative over its mandatory mask ordinance.

Republican Anthony Sabatini filed the lawsuit Thursday morning in St. Johns County aiming to put an injunction on the mask mandate.

He has filed similar lawsuits in Hillsborough and Orange counties.

The mask debate has no doubt taken over your social media timelines but now the discussion could go before a county judge.

“I agree with the mask policy anything to make it safer for people overall,” said Bob Callahan.

“It would be ideal for you to wear it but if you don’t want to wear you shouldn’t be forced,” said Hector Garcia.

Sabatini who represents District 32, which covers parts of Lake County, said making masks mandatory violates the law.

“They’ve enacted a really crazy policy that likely violates the Florida constitution, due process, and equal protection,” said Sabatini.

Sabatini also claimed in a tweet that the ordinance will result in the harassment of people with a disability who can’t wear a mask.

“Businesses are shunning them and treating them terribly and this city council in St. Augustine has really done a terrible thing and we hope that they retract the ordinance,” said Sabatini.

Action News Jax checked with the St. Augustine Police Department and we’re told it’s gotten no such harassment complaints of from citizens.

“Unless you have severe asthma problems, I mean I’m breathing fine in mine and I’m even a smoker,” said Callahan.

Sabatini said this is about government overreach.

“We’re suing to reassert the rights of people who work in the city of St. Augustine,” said Sabatini.

Sabatini also called city commissioners “snobby” and “elitist” over the $500 fine that comes with this ordinance.

The St. Augustine Police Department said it hasn’t handed out any citations because citizens have been good about wearing a mask.