Jacksonville participants needed for clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. — Jacksonville doctors are looking for hundreds to volunteer for a clinical trial of what they call one of the most promising coronavirus vaccines.

Former nurse Denise Crawford told Action News Jax she knows the importance of clinical trials.

She said, “I originally signed up to do the vaccine.”

Doctor Michael Koren said he’s set to launch a Phase 3 clinical trial of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine at Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research on July 27.

He explained,” Instead of giving a dead virus, or a piece of a virus, we’re actually just giving instruction for the body to make antibodies against the proteins in COVID-19.”

According to the director of research, of the 30,000 study participants nationwide, 500 or 600 will be from Jacksonville.

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Dr.Koren said, “We give them a dose of the vaccine and then we bring them back three or four weeks later for a second dose.”

He added, “Four to six months from now, if this product is incredibly effective and safe, there will be a lot of pressure to get this product on the market sooner rather than later.”

Doctor Kelvin Wiley said a disproportionately low number of African Americans take part in clinical trials.

Dr. Wiley described, “COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the African American community.”

He added, “It’s very, very important to assess the long-term efficacy of these vaccines in the African American community.”

Crawford said she’s participating to do her part in the fight against the pandemic.

Those interested in participating in the clinical study should contact:

Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research

Phone: 904-730-0166

Online: www.encoredocs.com